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Zero Clearance inserts for the Festool Kapex KS60 Temporary not available!

Zero Clearance Insert Fence

This Zero Clearance Fence consist out 2 fence pieces and 3 inserts! It gives a very nice cut and with 3 inserts you can get this zero clearance cut with different angles. 

Watch the video for more information!

Price is € 44,- excluding VAT and shipment!

Zero Clearance Insert Bottom plate

This bottom plate not only gives a nicer cut, but is much more stable when cutting smaller pieces and it looks imply awesome! Made from Black MDF. 

Price is € 24,- excluding VAT and shipment!

Shipping costs:

Netherlands   € 6.75

Europe:            € 9.30

UK                    Because of complex regulations, I do not ship to the UK. I apologize!