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Welcome to the website of Hooked on Wood !

Hi, and Welcome to my site. My name is Dennis and I am from Hooked on Wood! 
In 2019 I started my Youtube channel and ended that year with more than 10.000 subscribers. I am really honored with this success and all the people who like to view my videos. On this moment I have more than 60.000 subscribers and I will continue.
I opened this website because, on Youtube, you cannot ad plans for projects. At this moment there are some project plans available, but I hope to increase this number in the future.

Thanks for comming by and I hope you like watching my videos.

Get Inspired!

I got a lot of nice reactions about my video of my workbench/router table. A lot of people got inspired by this workbench and made something similar for their own. Some sent me pictures of these products and I really like these projects. So I want a place where I can show you these photos so that we can inspire each other. If you like that Idea, send your projects that are inspired by my ideas and I will put them on this site.

You can sent them to: Hookedonwood@hotmail.com              

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