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China Tools Ranking

This is the ranking of all the China tool products I have reviewed.

I invested a lot of time with each product to give a well-balanced conslusion. It can help you as a guide to picking the right tools! All products have direct links to the site so you can check the actual prices.

Exceptional Quality

5 Star products

Router Fence (Ep.45)

Hongdui planing stop (Ep 13)

Corner square clamp (Ep.15)

Setup blocks 32 set. (Ep.17)

Caliper (Ep.17)

Big T-rulers (Ep.19

Pocket hole clamp (Ep.22)

Combination Square (Ep.24)

Multi-Row Puncher (Ep.27)

Veiko T-Ruler (Ep.30)

Veiko Rail guide clamp (Ep.30)

Spiral Flush Trim Bits (Ep.31)

Hold down clamp (Ep.34)

Fonson Mini Square (Ep.33)

Fonson Big square (Ep.33)

Enjoywood 10-Watt (Ep.38)

4.5 Star products


4 Star products

 3.5 Star products 

3 star products

Not recommended