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China Tools Ranking

This is the ranking of all the China tool products I have reviewed. 
I wouldn't recommend products with a score below three stars. So, every product with a rating below three stars is under "not recommend" At three stars, I would advise to oversee the episode and see if you can live with the shortcomings I mention. At four stars, it is an excellent product, in my opinion. That represents excellent value for money. Some products I find exceptional and they got an exclusive "first-class product" stamp. You can find these products under "exceptional Quality. These products represent fantastic value and deliver much more than I expected in terms of price, value for money, fit, and finish.

Exceptional Quality

Cabinet Drill guide (Ep.10)

Hongdui scraper (Ep.13)

Miter Gauge (Ep.18)

Doweling Jig (Ep.28)

Edge Trimmer (Ep.29)


5 Star products

Hongdui planing stop (Ep 13)

Corner square clamp (Ep.15)

Setup blocks 32 set. (Ep.17)

Caliper (Ep.17)

Big T-rulers (Ep.19

Pocket hole clamp (Ep.22)

Atomstack laser  (EP.23)

Combination Square (Ep.24)

Multi-Row Puncher (Ep.27)

Veiko T-Ruler (Ep.30)

Veiko Rail guide clamp (Ep.30)

Spiral Flush Trim Bits (Ep.31)

Hold down clamp (Ep.34)

Fonson Mini Square (Ep.33)

Fonson Big square (Ep.33)



4.5 Star products


Ruler with Hook stop (Ep.22)

Doweling JIg (Ep.8)

Corner Router Jig (ep.10)

Miter Gauge / box joint jig (Ep 11.)

Braid-top drill bit set (ep.12)

Digital level box (Ep.15)

Silicon glue kit (Ep.15)

Pocket Hole Dit (ep.16)

Stainless steel rulers (Ep.22)

Drillpro Square (Ep.24)

Dog Hole clamp (Ep.28)

WNEW Router Fence (Ep.31)

4 Star products


Dog Hole Clamp (Ep.9)

Countersink bit (ep.12)

Steel Bench dogs (Ep 13)

Triangle ruler small (Ep 13)

Triangle ruler big (Ep 113)

Hinge Jig (ep.16)

Push Blocks (Ep.17)

Carbon steel Ruler (Ep.17)

Small T ruler (Ep.19)

Combination Ruler (Ep.19)

XK2 Pocket hole jig (Ep. 21)

Rail Guide clamp (Ep.22)


 3.5 Star products 

Sliding T-ruler (Ep,19)

Digital level box (Ep.15)

Pocket hole jig clamp (Ep.22)

3 star products

Set, woodplug, countersink (ep.12)

Square (Ep 24)

Parallel Guide System (Ep.30)

Veiko Quick Clamp (EP.34)

Not recommended

Pocket Hole Jig (Ep.14)

Sliding Ruler (Ep.19)

Chamfer plane (Ep.22)

Combination square set (Ep.24)

F-Clamp (Ep.34)