Hooked On Wood
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Welcome to the website of Hooked on Wood! 

Hi, and Welcome to my site. My name is Dennis, and I am from Hooked on Wood! That is how I start most of my videos.
In 2019 I started my Youtube channel, and I currently have a large base of viewers who regularly watch my videos and website.

Building my dream workshop!

In 2022 I build a new workshop that has to become "My dream workshop." A "dream workshop" in terms of equipment, workshop design, clever solutions, organization, and in the end, the joy of working in a pleasant environment.
On my site, you can find all my videos, my design of workbenches, drill press platform, miter station, and other solutions I developed for your workshop.

It is about more than expensive equipment.

Although I have a well-equipped workshop with "High-Quality" tools, it is not all about expensive products! I understand creating a workshop cost a lot of money. But some products, especially those smaller products or those you do not need that often, don't necessarily have to be expensive! I made a video series where I put woodworking tools from China to the test!  Here you can find a ranking among all the products I tested. I invested a lot of time with each product to give a well-balanced conclusion. It can help you as a guide picking the right tools!


Further, I hope this site will inspire you! Inspire you to work in a clean environment. Inspire you to make your workshop projects as beautiful as you can. Inspire you to find the best solutions for your workshop benches, miter saws stations, and all the stuff you have to deal with when you build your "dream workshop!"

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