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Building your ultimate workbench!

Nothing is more satisfying than working on a self-made workbench! That is, of course, when you have a good designed multi-functional workbench that fits your needs.

My "Ultimate" workbench will have most functions the average woodworker in a small shop will desire.
A well-designed workbench will transfer to your workshop's most useful tool!

My workbench is a combination of workbench, router and accurate grid of 20mm dog holes.

What makes my Workbench stand out?

The combination of router table and Workbench!
My Workbench is a combination of router table and Workbench! Where a more common variety is a router combined with the table saw or a stand-alone router table. Over the years, I have been convinced that a Workbench and router table combination is ideal and gives you a far more extended reach of your router table.
The solution to place and remove the router fence to the Workbench works excellently without compromise.

Laminated structure.
The base of my Workbench are made from small strips of plywood. By gluing them together, you get a sturdy and straight base that you can make with essential tools.

Videos and other downloads

Workbench Video

Drawer System Video

UJK Parf Guide System!

BUY HERE: Digital plan!

Accessories for your MFT-style workbench! Part 1

Accessories for your MFT-style workbench! Part 2

Standardize drawer system.

When I designed my new workshop, I chose to standardize my drawers. This means they all have the same size, and I can place them on every Workbench. This makes it easy to make a bunch of drawers, and you just produce them because you know they will fit.
The only difference between the drawers is the front of the drawers, and I use three sizes of  7, 14, and 21 cm.
They slide in an MDF panel with some grooves. This makes assembling easy, straight, and affordable.

20mm holes.
My Workbench consists of a grid of 20mm holes, and I use the UJK Parf Guide system to get these dog holes aligned with each other. Although, there are some benefits of perfectly aligned dog holes, primarily when you use a track saw in combination with your Workbench. Placing dog holes as accurately as possible will already give you 80% of the benefits of a Workbench with dog holes.
Many accessories are available for a Workbench with dog holes, and these accessories make your Workbench even more diverse.

Apron with 20mm holes.
My Workbench does have an Apron with 20mm dog holes as well. In combination with two Micro jig grooves, you can secure all kinds of workpieces at the side. This part of the Workbench is very useful for edge banding and cleaning up a workpiece's edges.