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All You need to know about Dust Extraction!

This page is about dust extraction. I don't think you need to become an expert in dust extraction, but some basic knowledge is important to understand which dust extraction system is best in your workshop! I get too many emails pointing out some misconceptions on this subject. We should not underestimate the health problems associated with poor dust extraction. I believe you can create a relatively dust-free workshop and a healthy environment if you know the basics of dust extraction and try to control it at any source that causes it.

There are basicly two different kind of dust extractions. HVLP Dust extractors. (High Volume Low Pressure) And we have the HPLV Dust Extractors. (High Pressure Low Volume) These two systems are so different that you should understand the differences to figure out what system is the best in your situation.

Besides this, you have to understand some basics about air-speed, air volume and air flow. In my videos I explain the differences.

All you need to know about dust extraction

Best Dust Extractor of average workshop