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Frequently asked questions.

What is the layout of your workshop?

What is the black material you use a lot in your video's?

Answer: The material used for my workbench and other jigs is Black MDF, something similar to Valchromat. It is more dense than "normal" mdf of a good quality. Here are some links where you can buy this product. These links came from my viewers. It is possible the links are broke. IF you have more suggestions, please let them com. I can add them to this page.

Netherlands: Af.nl (This is the place I buy my wood.)

USA: Plywoodcompany, Trinityinnovations, Packard forest products, Interlam Corp, DM lumber NY,

UK: Idsurface, Atlantictimber, Cut listBookertimber (€109 a sheet)

Germany: Hornbach, Holzland, Becher Holz, Finsa Fibracolour

Belgie: Houtshop, Martens hout,

Tom, from Episode 40 sells Black MDF sheets with CNC cut dog holes. Info at: steyaert.tom@icloud.com

Australia: Timberwood, laminexBunnings, Porta

France: Dispano

Sweden: Byggmax, Bauhaus, Hornbach

What did you use to finish the Black MDF

Answer: My first workbench, I did not finish at all. If it was to dirty I just removed it with some sanding paper. But I tried to finished it with "Rustins Danish Oil" You can see an example of this in episode 14 of China tools. I did the pocket hole platform with Danish oil. I plan to finish my workbench with Danish oil coming weeks.

What are those hold down clamps you can put in the hole and clamp something

Answer: this are Axminster trade hold down clamps

What product do you use to make the bench-dogholes?

Answer: UJK Parf Guide system.

Where can I order the products

Answer: All the products I review come from Banggood. I do not sell these products, I only review them.

At my China Tool ranking page you can see all products I tested. If you click on the photo or tekst below the photo, you get a direct link to this product.