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Hongdui 1/2 gauge finder

This is a clear copy of the Micro Jig 1/2 gauge finder.

I have to say that, although I do love the Micro Jig products, I always found it a shame they use only plastic in their design. I see no benefit from using plastic except that it is cheap to produce. But the Micro Jig products are costly.
Although they are worth every penny from a practical point of view, it is a shame they use too much plastic.
One example of a product that has no benefits when you completely make it out of plastic is their 1/2 Gauge finder.

Hongdui recently made this 1/2 gauge finder from aluminum. And it looks stunning. Not only did they make it from far superior materials, but they also added some extras that made the use even better.
It has two magnet feet, so it stays secure on the surface of your table saw and bandsaw. They include a scale in the design that is accurate.
The sliding mechanism slides on a steel bar to protect it from wear, and they include a steel point by which you can scribe alongside a piece of wood or aluminum. This point is very sharp.
I checked how accurately it could give half dimensions with my setup blocks and was blown away by how precise this works.

1/2 gauge finder 1/2 gauge finder with magnet feets

So, this is another product from Hongdui that is very nicely made and high-quality. And it is strange that a product from China is actually more expensive than its original design.

As I told you at the beginning of this review, I do not see any benefits from making this product entirely from plastic. This is not a "High-quality"  material; the only advantage is the price. And to be honest, the Micro Jig fit finder cost is reasonable and even perfect when you only often need this product.

But Hongdui made a product that goes more than one step further in functionality, accuracy, and material used. If you should pay the premium price for this is, of course, up to you. But they made a very lovely "High-Quality" product with this 1/2 gauge finder that fully deserves the highest rating!

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