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Miter Saw Station

Miter Saw station

I consider a miter saw something other than an essential tool. But it is a tool that is very convenient to have. The more stable and accurate your Miter Saw is, the more you can use it for "fine" woodworking.
To increase the use of my Miter Saw station and the quality of the cuts, I made some improvements worth considering to get the best out of your Miter Saw station. Although I use a Festool KAPEX KS60, these improvements will benefit every Miter Saw.

The search for the Ultimate Miter Saw Fence!

Recently I was on the search for the "ultimate Miter Saw Fence." It combined an in-Fence dust extraction with an alternative Zero-Clearance insert. I also made an alternative to my original Zero-Clearance insert. This one is more universal and easier to make, and it will have the same Zero-Clearance effect but adds 2 hold-down clamps in a much better way. In my video about this new "Ultimate Miter Saw fence, I show you how you can make it yourself, and I think you should try it because once you are used to a fence with zero-clearance insert, there is no way back!

Zero Clearance insert!
We want a cut we make as clean as possible. When we cut with our Miter Saw, we will have some splinter at the end, and I found this very annoying.
So, I ended up with a Zero Clearance Insert system for my Miter Saw. The benefit of this solution with a middle zero clearance insert is that you can easily change it, or get it out of the way again. This way, you keep full use of your Miter Saw possibilities

Bottom plateAnother very beneficial "upgrade" is to change the bottom plate. Your Miter Saw blade moves in an upward direction while cutting. Because of this, splinters will appear at the upper side and end of the wood you cut. So, changing the bottom plate will not create a cleaner cut initially. But it will create more stability, and because of that, the cut can be cleaner. Especially when you want to cut smaller pieces, the combination of the bottom plate and zero clearance insert makes working with your Miter Saw much safer.

Holding down your workpiece!
We mostly hold down our workpiece with one hand and use our other hand to control the Miter Saw. But we all know this is not the safest way to do it. But there is something more to it. The more stable you can clamp your workpiece into place, the cleaner the cut will be. So, these are two good reasons to secure your workpiece at both sites.
In practice, however, this will slow you down too much because it is too time-consuming to do so.
I have integrated two self-adjusting clamps that make securing a workpiece a breeze.

Miter Saw Digital Stop

Point-zero stop-block

My last upgrade is a Point Zero stop-block!
I call it "point zero" because I can slide this stop-block all the way to the saw blade. Whether you use a digital stop block or a ruler to measure the distance, a "point zero" stop block is very convenient. In the video, you can see how I made it.