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Table saw Upgrades!

Zero Clearance insert

The Best Zero Clearance insert!

One of the best upgrades you can make for your table saw is to make a Zero Clearance insert. With a Zero clearance insert, you can make a clean splinter free cut. But my design of a Zero Clearance insert goes one big step further. The disadvantage of the typical zero clearance inserts you find on the Internet will kill the air-flow of your dust extractor. Not only will this create very bad dust extraction, but it is also not good for the dust extractor itself that does not have air to breathe.

My design of this Zero Clearance Insert gives far better dust extraction because it keeps the air-flow going. This results in a significant better dust extraction.

Fritz and Frans

Fritz and Franz Jig.

When you have a Format saw, you should invest some time to make this Fritz and Franz Jig. It is a fantastic jig that improves the safety when working with a format saw. I did not invented the Fritz and Franz jig, but build my version of it.

Zero Clearance insert!